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The Mingle Mangle

Part III: Reducing Staff

Late last year the Council voted in a resolution to reduce staff. The Assistant City Manager has been discharged. I don’t know if there had been a discussion about who was to be dismissed, but it has happened.

Can’t speak much more to the issue as I don’t know any more about the issue to share on POP. We’ll see what happens in public meetings and/or the press. As I understand it, the EEOC investigation is 180 days - which is a lot of newspaper articles.

At first, I had quite a bit to say about this topic. But it seems to be changing daily and, moreover, what the hell do I really know about it?

Allegations have been made. They are being investigated. I have no special evidence to prove wrongdoing either way. There is a process in place to handle this - we'll wait for the process to work through it.

At the last workshop the City Manager's raise was brought up as a discussion point. As for CM Parrott's 12% raise - he didn't give that to himself - he didn't even include his salary in the study that was discussed last October. VM Handy-Peters brought up his raise in the last 30 seconds of that workshop and before we knew it, there was a vote in January. Mayor Johnson made the motion for the 12% raise. CM Dwyer voted against it. I spoke out against the process - there were no evaluations done by the Council.

Two new members voted in favor of the raise. Any City Manager can ask for anything - it's ultimately up the Council to vote on it. If the response is, "Well, the City Manager owns the Council." Again, then the Council or at least three of them have given that power to the Manager. I don't blame the Manager for that - I blame the Councilmembers.

Coming Soon: Mayor Johnson - I'm very upset with Mayor Johnson - very upset. Worse, disappointed. But mostly outraged. We'll get to the facts in Parts IV and V of the Mingle Mangle.

For that I have a little homework assignment for you: Click on the blue link below and scroll to pages 23 and 24 - it's the application Clint Johnson filled out last summer to be appointed to the Council on an interim basis.

On those pages, presumably in Mayor Johnson's own handwriting, he stated he graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business - and he did it two years after graduating from High School.

However, we have this:

Election 2014

Next DeBary mayor, 28, will be county’s youngest

By Mark Harper – Daytona Beach News Journal

Published: Monday, September 1, 2014 at 3:43 p.m.

A resident of DeBary since he was a teenager, Johnson was home-schooled in high school and earned credits at Daytona State College and Stetson University, but didn’t complete a bachelor’s program.

Do I have a problem with the Mayor having only a high school diploma?


But Clint Johnson does - that's why he put down on an application he received a degree he didn't receive.

This is what will be the subject of Parts IV and V of the Mingle Mangle.


Norm Erickson









From the Sentinel:

The 56th annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival brings not only 350,000 visitors to the city but lots of traffic -- and this year SunRail trains packed with festival goers.

SunRail is offering free weekend rides to help ease the traffic. And the trains are already packed – standing room only at times and even having to turn away riders at stops.



The Mingle Mangle

Part II of III:

Walmart: What is the lawsuit about?

Summarized from the petition filed by the Glen Abbey HOA and Concerned Residents Opposing Walmart Development, LLC, a Florida limited liability company,


  • Departure of the Essential Requirements of the Law – F.S. 163, Part II - Comp Plan/Future Land Use Map
  • Failure to Enforce Plan Required Traffic Concurrency – failure to adhere to plan standards for concurrency and to allow cross examination was a departure from essential requirements of the law.
  • Substantial Competent Evidence – applicant must demonstrate an entitlement to the rezoning.
  • Due Process – the right to hear and be heard at the proceeding. Argument that Mayor Johnson denied opponents to have due process by infringing.

Ok. Given one party to this is titled, “Concerned Residents Opposing Walmart Development, LLC” is listed, that is prejudicial in and of itself because you can’t deny a development based on the business itself. Thus, the 2 nd dollar store in town. “NO WALMART” are the signs around town. Also, the website and cards that read, “DeBary Against Neighborhood Wal-mart”. Not everyone is against Walmart. How dare a group or entity speak for everyone in town.

As to who will win this lawsuit? That’s easy. The lawyers. We’ll just see how this all shakes out.

At the Workshop tonight some things came to light:

The budget and money came up in funding our Committees. The budget last year was not discussed. The mil rate changed two weeks before the budget was due. The Council's previous Workshops were for naught given this change. Carson and VM Hand-Peters changed their postion with no discussion on what to cut. It was an election year. This year it is my guess the mil rate will go up.

The Council is an Executive Committee over all of the other committees. The Council is not doing their job. I didn't do it either when I was on the Council. The Economic Committee and Streetscape are on hiatus for a while. I would cancel all Committees as the communication isn't there, the budget isn't there and I don't think there is enough "there" there to have these committees. Not to the fault of the volunteers - it's just not being done correctly.

Also, get rid of Planning and Zoning - I was never in favor of it - but then again, I can read the codes and come to my own conclusions. I think Howard Gates will do well on that Committee - but Planning and Zoning, ala Walmart, can only hurt the City when they pass something and the City denies it. Also, the power of the Planning and Zoning is given to Council members - they pass it on to Citizens not elected? I'm not in favor of that.

A pilot program for murals is starting. Not on the avenue, but buildings set back from the avenue.

Some additional requirements for Special Events are being considered and, hopefully, re-worked.

A shooting range north of American Pools? You betcha! Well, it's going to be brought to the Council at least. Mayor, no special exceptions to be granted at Workshops - tsk, tsk.

Robert's Rules: Let's figure out how "Point of Order", "Call the Question" and "Amend the Motion" really work. Also, I notice one Councilmember is being interrupted by another Councilmember. Mayor, please do not allow this.

VM Handy-Peters said some member of the Planning and Zoning was "bombastic" in their statements.

The Mayor wants to go on a retreat with the Council members. What is a "retreat"? A free refill of a cone? I wish.

Lastly, near the end of the meeting a cell phone went off and I heard talking from the phone. I don't know the person, but they have been raised with no manners. Terrible. Bombastic. Reprehensible. I hope they do not sit on a Board.

Norm Erickson

Coming Soon: Part III of the Mingle Mangle: City Staff...


Mingle Mangle: Part I of III:

Sunrail was sold to us to reduce traffic. The goal, though not stated at the time the goal was to allow 99.5% of commuters on the road. That’s not a typo: only half of one percent is the stated goal. We’re not reaching it. If we use that goal in medicine, business, education, etc, would it be acceptable?

Headlines screamed how 9500 people used Sunrail for the soccer game. The rides were free. Suggestion: make Sunrail “All Free – All The Time”. It’s the only way to pay for it.

“We cannot pave our way out of the traffic problem.” That’s what we heard when Sunrail was being sold to us. Do any of you know that? Well, we’re paving: 2.3 Billion dollars worth. And it might be ineffective – so argues Scott Maxwell in the Sentinel. Evidence: South Florida where toll roads of 10.50 for 7 miles of driving. But the toll roads down there fail to keep I-95 express lanes moving. Too many people are using the express lanes – so how high do they have to make the tolls to keep them moving quickly? On I-4 we’re talking 21 miles at $14.20. Wow. This is the cheapest it will ever be. To get people in those express lanes, the regular lanes will have to be a mess. Those toll roads are paid for by a consortium – they want their money back. It’s quite a scheme. Ultimately Maxwell is right: “Central Florida’s main planning problem is that it wasn’t well-planned.”

For full Sun Sentinel article click here: FULL STORY - CLICK HERE

Has Sunrail usage gone up? No. Will it go up? No.

Will the number of cars on 417 increase? Yes – it already has. I’ve seen the usage go up as I’ve been traveling it for 13 years.

Part II: Walmart Lawsuit…



Where there is a will there is a lawsuit...

Glen Abbey Club HOA files suit against City...