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Defend Citizens' Votes That Created the Charter!

We must defend the votes and rules of the rulebook...not the behavior of the rule breaker...

In 2009 we didn't have texts and emails as evidence to review - now the Council does. They must review the evidence.

If the Charter has been violated and the Council does not remove the Mayor, the thousands of votes cast to create the Charter will be disenfranchised and overturned. A total mockery of our Representative Democracy. Our very Charter will become null and void - making it impossible to run and govern a City.

Come out June 1st at 7PM to defend your rights and the votes that created the Charter - our rulebook for governing. Come out and say the rules matter. We can fight in unity to defend the ballot box that created the Charter.

The chance remains that Clint might move in an agressive manner to try and avoid what is clearly explained in the Charter as it relates to forfeiting one's office due to one's own behavior and actions.

Clint Johnson is hoping to dodge the due process outlined in the Charter which he has demonstrated in the past of having read - he knew the potential consequences of possible actions - now he is trying to overturn the votes of the PEOPLE and dodge the legal process in the Charter voted on by the people.

Thank you for paying attention and being vigilant about the the importance of citizens' votes and rights that established our City.


Clint Johnson - the man who has still not produced public records - demands transparency for others...

Will Larizza be called to take Judge's computer, cell phone, and diary?

Investigation of CM Parrott doesn't erase anything Clint has done...they are both being dealt with...

It's the Judge's Fault:

Not even Duct Tape can fix Clint:

Injunction Denied...June 1st Public Hearing is on...


Well, ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
I say, trouble right here in River City.

What about Hillary?

Rumor: DBNJ wants a piece of the 102 acres to build an annex....









Mayor's Mingle Mangle

A Toxic Relationship

Part I of III

Act IV of V


* *

A NightMayor...from "Soup to we're going Nuts"

Review courtesy of the DBNJ:

Clint Johnson has his own

Slide-SIDE-Show -

but WE'RE the Problem...it's not Clint...

Click here and scroll to picture - click on arrrow on right

* *

Volusia County voted 7-0 to move forward with some kind of resolution about DeBary's TOD/Bayou project. Given that Doug Daniels is representing Clint Johnson and now has an injunction against the City. Well. Is Doug Daniels voting on DeBary issues while representing the Mayor of DeBary kind of like Mr. Miklos voting on issues in DeBary that he also has some additional interests in as well?

No, it's not. Because Mr. Miklos would recuse himself from voting. Ok. Fine.

Miklos represents DeBary in his role on the TOD study

Daniels represents the DeBary Mayor

Miklos sits on the SJWMD board and makes or influences what goes on in DeBary - but when it comes to a vote - he recuses himself.

Daniels sits on the Volusia County Commission and makes or influences what goes on in DeBary

Miklos: The citizens cry foul claiming a conflict of interests.

County Councilmember Doug Daniels and Mayor Clint Johnson:

Crickets...so far...

* *


Clint "I can't vote for Pastue because we didn't follow process" Johnson, wants to stop the process oulined in the Charter for his hearing June 1st. This makes complete Clintonian Logic...and Clint "you follow process but not me" is all about that kind of Logic.

Long before citizens made the blunder of putting Clint in office, the Charter was also passed by Citizens. Imagine that. It's the rule book. It was voted on by Citizens. If we don't follow it, then what good is it? Miss more than 3 meetings? Don't worry, you were elected by the people, the Charter doesn't apply to you. Eminent Domain curtailed in the Charter? No worries, mate. You and your two buddies were elected, the rules don't apply to you.

The rules don't apply to "I'm not the status quo politician Clint Johnson." "Out of the box thinking"?

Too funny. Clint's postings on Twitter provide an abundance of violations of the Charter and Clint posted them.

From DBNJ: Daniels also argues that the council had voted to have the meeting on May 11 and Parrott was bound by the charter to respect that.

Nice except that the City Manager received two important pieces of information to share with the Council. The Council could have said, "Well, it's ok" and just stayed with the May 11th meeting. They changed their mind...my God, how dare they!

From DBNJ: "The hearing will be an illegal proceeding subjecting Mayor Johnson to loss of reputation and forfeiture of his position as mayor of DeBary, an action thwarting the will of the voters and unjustifiably subjecting DeBary to the whims of a rogue Council," Daniels wrote.

What about the "will of the voters" that voted on the Charter? If Daniels has his way, anytime a Councilmember violates the Charter they can cry: Don't violate the will of the voters who put me here - just let me violate the Charter that the voters put here.

"Rogue" here means: 4 very different people seeing reality and the facts the same way. Also, it seems Daniels is indicating he already knows the outcome. This whole thing is, embarrassingly, premature. We haven't even had the hearing yet to review the evidence and Daniels is crying foul. The "whims" of the Council - as if they had something to do with the text, email and many Twitter posts. Anyone who can read the Charter and interpret it and look at the Twitter posts can see what is going on.

As to Clint's reputation...I think Clint is in control of that on his own...

Nothing is ever Clint's fault...but that City Manager...those other people...how dare they...

More to follow...lots more...


Latchkey Kid:

The Mayor shouldn't have a key to City Hall...City Administration was "dismayed" because their decision to keep the doors locked until they were ready was directly overturned by an elected official...

Clint Johnson ‏ @ClintPJohnson 4h4 hours ago

City Hall doors were locked with people outside in heat at 5:40 for 6:00 # SaveGemini meeting. I opened them to city admin dismay. Not good!

* *

Clint called for a Special City Council Meeting to vote on the Cardroom.

Clint directed CM Parrott to cancel a Special City Council Meeting.

So...why hasn't Clint called for a Special City Council Meeting to vote on abandoning the DeBary Bayou Land Deal that Clint has called "shady" and "corrupt"? Why? If it is so wrong and so corrupt, why not end it?

He felt strongly enough to call and direct to cancel two other meetings...why not on this issue that he says he feels so strongly about and has known about for months?

Clint and his Mom live streamed the meeting off their phones to Facebook. But Mr. Transparency didn't tell anyone at the meeting. When his mom sent him a message, "I like Pastue", Clint parroted, "I like Pastue".

Pretty soon we'll get into "The Queen of diamonds" territory from The Manchurian Candidate. I guess we did when Clint was too lazy to come up with his own questions and Howard Gates sent them in for Clint to ask...and Howard accuses others of controling the Council...too funny. Vince, you should have asked for 160K to deal with this twerp. Clint will never change.

Oh, and I guess Clint's defense for his lawsuit will be: The City stole the records...wow...



Clint voted to stay with CM Parrott and wanted to delay process to keep Parrott on...interesting...

Clint was elected to do a job...and he didn't want to do the job...

Clint wants Council to hire Asst. City Manager - has no clue of how it all works. And since he's ignorant about it, the system must suck, according to Clint.

Mr. Pastue wants 140K to work with Clint Johnson? That's ALL?? That's IT?? Deal. Take it...take it and run...I'm shocked...

Clint says he now likes "dysfunctional" Pastue...too sad.

Carson motions to hire Pastue...Clint complicates the process with word games...Clint who just wanted a "Yes" on Cardroom with no details...wants details on this issue...too funny...

Clint stalls process...I think Clint is dysfunctional...

Clintonian Logic: Participation For SOME: Clint takes questions via online submission to ask Pastue. Huh? Can you say arbitrary and lazy?

Clint Johnson ‏ @ClintPJohnson May 15

Once again, for the 264368 time, all records were kept and available at city hall before being STOLEN by city admin!

Wow. According to Clint Johnson, records – records only connected to Clint Johnson – are either being forged or stolen. His lies about graduating when he didn’t – forged. Someone broke into the City Hall. Made the change and then told no one. Clint’s friend David Booth collected over 900 surveys but only delivered 700 to City Hall…so Clint alleges theft by the City. Wow. Scary. This man is not responsible for anything. JC Bikes? Not paying sales tax? Is that on the City as well? Clint can’t even fill out an application correctly: “I hurriedly wrote in I graduated on a specific date and with a specific diploma not realizing I was lying about myself.” This is the source of truth and logic. Too funny. And what is really scary is that he believes it as he makes it up.

* *

On the Agenda:

Further Direction to Staff -

End or Extend?

Will Clint Johnson make a motion to direct staff to "cease action" on Bayou Land Deal? Given his outrage over the corruption he believes exists with this issue - it would seem to be an appropriate motion for him to make. I think he should make that motion.

And if not, if he doesn't make that motion, why not?

5/16 Special City Council Meeting @6PM:

Hire Mr. Pastue - my choice is Bob Francis but 'tis what it 'tis. I'm sure Mr. Pastue will do a fine job. Make sure a background check is done, particularly education – there are scurrilous people who put down they’ve graduated a university when in fact they have not. Clint has labeled Mr. Pastue as "dysfunctional" on a post on Twitter. How will Mr. Pastue work with this twerp?

Cancel the Bayou Land Deal - no one wants it.

Cancel the TOD Informational Meeting on 5/18 * see above...

Send in the Ethics Complaint on the Mayor

Continue with the Lawsuit with the Mayor

Boot the Mayor in June for violating the Charter - which according to Doug Daniels, the County Councilmembers do frequently:

During his testimony before the DeBary City Council, Mr. Daniels said that all elected officials do what Mr. Johnson is accused of… But, the Volusia Charter says the following:

Section 404. Non-Interference by County Council. Except for the purposes of inquiry and information, the council and committees or members thereof are expressly prohibited from interfering with the performance of the duties of any employee of the county government who is under the direct or indirect supervision of the county manager. Such action shall be malfeasance within the meaning of Article IV, Section 7 (a) of the Florida Constitution . (Ch. 70-966, Laws of Florida (Sp. Acts), Art. IV, ' 404)

Ordering an employee to do something is interference with their work…


Doug Daniels is suing us for late records? The City should sue the County for their late records. I’ve yet to receive all the records I requested from Clint –what is he hiding?

Find Clint guilty of having forfeited his office on June 1st. Particularly with that text message to CM Parrott to cancel a meeting to tell the Councilmembers that (1) Clint was not going to be cooperative in May and (2) the DBNJ requested more documents after April 6th.

Two pieces of information that create further liability issues for lawsuits over records: *See Daniels suing the City; ** See possible City lawsuit on County for late records.

So Clint directed CM Parrott to cancel a meeting that would address Clint being sued sooner rather than later. It’s been reported that an email from CM Parrott to Council should not have been sent – a special meeting should have been called to share the new information.

Here we have CM Parrott calling just such a meeting to share information and Clint wanted it canceled for his own interests not the City’s. This is interference with the City Manager's duties - would we want every Councilmember to act the same way? This carries no weight with Clint’s supporters, but that Bayou Land Deal..whew…the corruption…man….

Doug Daniels is claiming the City is late or not turning over emails to preclude certain ones from surfacing.

I’m still waiting for records from Clint that I requested. Doug? Hello? According to Mr. Daniels, I should sue Clint again…

Why did Clint not turn over the records he is in possession of during the two months he had to do so? Why has he still not turned them over?

At 20,000 feet the hypocrisy in DeBary has turned into hypercrisy…

Norm Erickson



As DeBary Turns...

Mayor's Mingle Mangle

Clint is trying to do what?

Part III of III

Act III of V


* *

I guess when pubic record requests are fulfilled, one never knows what they may find - eh, Clint? By the way, when will Clint Johnson fulfill the record requests..or did he lose the records? What if the City "lost" the records the DBNJ and County requested? Why didn't Kurt Ardaman put that business in his wife's name, Clint?



Mayor’s Mingle Mangle

Corruption (not really) vs. Chaos (had our fill)

Part II of III

Act III of V


Oh my...developing...:

From May of 1989 to October of 1989 Saundra Gray on Vice Chair of the SJWMD...and then she was Chair. At the same time:

Land acquisition

In 1986, the Grays drew criticism from environmentalists after selling a parcel of the farm along the DeBary bayou to a developer[7] and pursuing plans to dredge the bayou to provide access for boats from a proposed condominium complex. In 1989, they sought permits for a 214-unit subdivision surrounding the springs, again prompting a reaction from environmentalists who urged the county to purchase the property for use as a passive park. Initially, the property was offered to the county for $7 million, $4 million less than the property was privately appraised for, according to Charles Gray.[8] By 1993, the asking price for the property was reduced to $6 million.[9]

The Gemini Springs property was jointly purchased in February 1994 for $5.65 million.[3][10][11] Volusia County contributed $2.6 to the purchase. Florida Communities Trust contributed $2 million and St. Johns River Water Management District contributed $1.1 million.[12]


* *


Tired of reading about Clint Johnson? Want a change of topic? Need help in dealing with others who have nothing to do with anyone in DeBary?


* *

What did Vince Pastue do to Clint Johnson?

Clint is so big on treating and being treated with respect - has he spoken to Mr. Pastue? Have they had a falling out in the past? I think this should be explored publicly.

I attended all of the City Manager interviews last summer. Clint prepared nothing. To say he "phoned it in" would be kind.

Out of that crop of candidates, my guy was Bob Francis - Mr. Francis had Clint's card and stated it out loud at an interview for all to hear 10 months ago. Mr. Francis had been following our meetings from the beginning of 2015 and he had the testicular fortitude 10 months ago to say it out loud, in public and in an interview - that's strength stemming from his ability to judge, evaluate, assess and determine what's going on. More on this later...for now...

From Clint's Twitter:

Clint Johnson:

# ICYMI # DeBary council in last 2 minutes of meeting voted to skip due-process & invite dysfunctional ex-manager from Mt. Dora to interview.

And Doug Daniels thought Clint was going to behave and improve. Mr. Pastue hasn't even been introduced to DeBary and Clint Johnson is calling him "dysfunctional"? Yes. And why? I'll tell you: because the other four Councilmembers are considering him; therefore, Mr. Pastue is dysfunctional.

In addition, the process for hiring a City Manager is the process the Council adopts - whatever that is. Maybe if Clint had established some decorum at the end of the meeting, we all could have heard the conversation - but Mr. Johnson was impotent to do so.


The Great and Powerful


* *

Clint's Lawyer Threatens Frivolous Lawsuit if Clint is Removed - Possible solution that reared its head last night:

Do not allow Clint to talk...



Doug Daniels spoke for the Mayor - all was calm - can he come back? Please?

4-0 Vote in Favor of Public Hearing June 1st

Public Meeting/Interview/Meet and Greet with

Mr. Pastue - former CM of Mt. Dora

* *

County Councilman Doug Daniels & wife caught claiming separate homestead exemptions 2 years running after getting married & living together

Yep! That’s Clint’s lawyer…

A lawyer that didn’t follow the law and a Mayor not providing public records as required by law…and I’m sure Doug Daniels did not do anything wrong either…it was all a mistake…someone was out to get him…trolls, terrorists, insane people.

Yep! That would be Clint’s lawyer…



Mayor’s Mingle Mangle


Part I of III

Act III of V


* *

If you could spank the Mayor every time he causes a problem, he would never be able sit down.

Note - Spank is what you do to children. 

Sent in by A. Citizen


Mayor’s Mingle Mangle


Part III of III

Act II of V


* *

"The problem with Mayor Johnson is that he can’t see the truth thru his lies."

- Sent in by A. Citizen

5/2 - why wait?

Mayor’s Mingle Mangle

“Keep’em Coming, Son”

Part II of III

Act II of V


I don’t like to curse on POP and avoid it at all costs…having said that, Clint Johnson really is so full of dreck…look it up, Clint…I couldn’t bring myself to tarnish POP over Clint’s sorry statements.

In yet another article on DBNJ by Austin Fuller talking about Clint missing his rafting trip from Cuba due to weather, Clint made this statement as it related to not making the trip mid-April due to the Special Meeting to sue Clint and file an ethics complaint: “I missed my weather window.”

Missed it? Does this guy claim responsibility for literally anything?

Clint “missed” it? He missed it? He missed the weather window?

No. Clint made a decision to attend a meeting instead of rafting home from Cuba. He made a choice. A decision. A choice to come to, as he puts it, a “stupid” meeting where he already knows every outcome, as he stated in his NPR interview.

So he didn’t “miss” his window, he made a conscious choice not to do his prized rafting trip to come to a stupid meeting to witness a vote which, according to Clint, he already knew the outcome – and he calls anyone else stupid?

DeBary Mayor postpones Cuba raft trip because of weather is the title of the article.

Yeah. He cancelled it alright. Clint cancelled it to find out “weather” or not he’ll have his sorry tokus thrown off the Council.

I apologize for the profanity…but someone must have forged it after hacking my system…that’s not true…I just wanted to better understand the plight of someone who spews BS and as he does, he believes it.

Now back to our regular programming…Clint wasn’t really going on April 20th. How did he know this “weather window” three months ago as he claimed? He didn’t. He’s just saying this for any sympathy he can get – and that is not only dreck…it’s truly sad.

Norm Erickson





For Clint it is May(day) 1st:

The Mayor took his misfortunes like a man: he blamed everyone and everything - sent in by a citizen

Mingle Mangle

Part I of III

Act II of V

50 Shades of Hypocrisy


* *


The Mayor's Mingle Mangle

Please Pull This Car Over!!

Part 3 of 3

Act I of V




A Two "Front-Page" War for DeBary:

Just like the land deal...the evidence mounts against Clint Johnson for removal - Clint Johnson calls his own emails an "absurd claim". It would be like denying you wrote something in your own handwriting..oh...wait a second..Clint did...on that City application.

How will Clint deny his own emails? His own text message? Believe me. He will. That email and text message and whatever else is out there...well...they were all sent because of that shady land deal...yeah...we all made Clint send those directions to staff and the City Manager because of the shady land deal.

I mean. How can anyone not see this connection? Clint sent the email in January due to the shady land deal...it's so gosh darn obvious.

I'm smiling while I type this. Clint won't be smiling when he says it. And he will say it.

He will say these communications of his to staff are simply an extension and reaction by staff to his position on the shady land deal.

In fact, Clint might say he didn't send the text or email. Who else has access? Eric sent it to himself. It was the man on the grassy knoll. Clint stepped out and left his phone and...and anyone could have sent that to the City Manager...go find that person...

And he will mean it, people.


What if all Councilmembers emailed and texted City Staff and the City Manager as the Mayor has - would it be ok? Could our City run that way?

No. It couldn't. That's why the Charter calls for it to be a prohibited action.

Charter Violations and Clint Johnson...


UPDATE: I don't do card tricks with people I play poker with.

Please note on the agenda for next week it reads thusly:

"The City Staff is also in possession of other relevant evidence."

"Other relevant evidence". Ok. So there is more out there. We'll have to wait and see. Conspiracy nuts abound.

Howard Gates has mentioned that this "story" on was POP before the agenda. Well, that's because I read Clint's twitter about giving "explicit instruction" to Eric, Howard. And since I know that's a violation I put it on POP. I didn't know about the text to Mr. Parrott giving him instruction in a tone that is...troubling.

The land swap deal and DeBary Bayou - funny on how it hinges on getting public records like emails to support the story. Imagine if citizens were able to receive public documents from Clint Johnson the way we all can from Eric Frankton when he's in possession of them? Wow. It's great to see Clint use public documents that he can gain possession of to make a point - meanwhile, Clint won't give up his own public documents. Or he's lost them. What if Eric lost documents?

The irony, hypocrisy, humor and BS is thick indeed. But only from a very, very small group and only on one side of the issue. Also, this opinion from the DBNJ about the land deal...Clint doesn't believe anything that biased, horrible, twisted and jealous newspaper has to say, does he? They got it all wrong about Clint and all right about the land deal? Yes, Clint takes that bipolar position, I'm sure. It makes perfect sense to him. Too funny. Let's talk about the land deal...we can...we have the public documents. Maybe once we learn all about David Booth, we can have that conversation...but we need the records, Clint. Come on.

Will anyone question why public records were requested about the land deal? How dare they! Wait a minute, maybe some people just want to request documents to hold government accountable. Great! But not Clint's records. Not his dealings as an elected official. Oh, no! It's a vendetta. It's a conspiracy. Too funny.

Also, I've been sent postings from Clint where he documents his position on the land deal with records from last October...interesting how he has those documents...

All for now....

Pg. 26 of Clint Johnson's Contributions Report:

David Booth: 500.00 dollars - one of the first to contribute to Clint's campaign...


David Booth - of dabo.co that collected the surveys...removed information from his domain registries...removed his LinkedIn profile...basically closing up the electronic shop...after the 4/20 meeting concerning Clint Johnson being sued by the City...and all third parties possibly being pulled in...d



And this is the only one I know about...

Mayor Tweets Out Charter Violation - Charter Calls for "automatic" hearing at the May 4th Meeting:

Mayor Violates Charter by Giving "express instructions" to Staff member Eric Frankton as evidenced by Mayor's own Tweet:

Overpaid Records Manager Eric Frankton took surveys from my office against my express instructions, has refused to return them, & lost some.

Violates Sec. 4.04 of Charter: No individual member of the Council shall give orders to any officer or employee of the City.

From the Charter:

Sec. 4.07. - Forfeiture of office. Modified

A member of the Council may forfeit his/her office, if the member:


Violates any express prohibition of this Charter; or

If any of these events should occur, a hearing shall automatically be conducted at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting, and the member may be declared to have forfeited office by majority vote of the Council.


Mayor's Mingle Mangle:

A Promise is Not a Promise

Part 2 of 3

Act I of V



Unfit For Duty?

With the Mayor now being sued by the City and the City filing ethics complaints against the Mayor...is it prudent to allow him to remain in office while all of this is going on?

It's a fair question that will be explored in the upcoming days, weeks and months.


Clint sold his Eastwood Marketing business - but will not tell reporters who he sold it to - listen to the audio. Clint on "extortion": if you ask for public records and do not get them and then threaten to sue, you're an "extortionist".

So, if you exercise your state constitutional rights and they are denied and you sue to enforce your rights, you're an extortionist in Clint Johnson's "mind".

Listen to the incredulity in the interviewers' voices ask they ask Clint about the hypocrisy in what Clint wants to do to promote transparency while obscuring the governing process with private meetings:



An article that helps us understand Clint Johnson a bit more:

A sense of entitlement is not the only stereotype attached to millennials in the workplace.

“Entitled, lazy, narcissistic and addicted to social media,” according to CNBC.  

Perhaps because of this very culture of workplace-as-reality-show, Mr. Pavelski, the prevaricating treehouse builder, remains notably unchastened.

“Maybe this is because I’m young, but, like, I don’t think that there is a lot about my personal life that I wouldn’t want to incorporate into what I’m doing professionally,” he said.  




To modify a quote from a great former Councilmember who is now grinning over coffee:

"Clearly, the Mayor does not get along with...anybody up there..."

See...I told you 2016 was going to be better than 2015....I guess Chris Carson didn't vote...sorry, Chris...I had to mention the obvious...

Clint Johnson ‏ @ClintPJohnson Twitter:

Rick @ hrDwyer endorsed candidate Pat Stevenson for his seat, then insisted on a lawsuit costing tax payer dollars on her behalf. Unethical!

Overpaid Records Manager Eric Frankton took surveys from my office against my express instructions, has refused to return them, & lost some.

Mike Brady's house is right next to Lita & John Peters. Judging by last night, their ignorance and arrogance has finally rubbed off on him.

Lame duck manager Dan Parrott has for the first time in years taken to the media. Spokesperson that lies & slanders for council. Disgrace!


Why is Clint hawking suntan lotion when this guy can talk himself out of a sun burn?

But all of his talking didn’t save him from a lawsuit and ethics complaints to be filed as directed by this Council. Unprecedented but necessary action by Council.

This is now no longer a Council issue.  It is in other hands and now we can turn to City issues. Clint can make this all go away when it goes to trial.

We have a City Manager stepping down. So we need to look for a replacement.

We have a TOD to plan for and a budget to prepare for.

It's an election year - we are still suffering from the last election when Clint was elected.

It was good to see so much participation at the workshop after the Special Meeting. Too bad Clint didn’t feel it important enough to stay for City business – but he moved heaven and earth to be there for his issue - tells you where his interests rest.

This weekend: Part II of three in Act I of five of the Mayor’s Mingle Mangle


Never doubt The Great Carnac: The Mayor was there...

Dan Parrott tendered his resignation....

Why did Clint Johnson fall down the Public Records well?

He didn't see that well...

Clint Johnson sued - Council votes 4-0

Clint Johnson to have ethics complaints filed - Council votes 3-1 - CM Carson dissents

Had two months to produce records and didn't. He then simultaneously stated he didn't have all the records but was prepared to go through all the records (see Mort below). He stated he was willing to forge surveys for the records requests.

Mayor's boy Mort Culligan wears a hat indoors, drops the F-word at the podium during public participation and then insists the City and citizens follow the decorum rules. Yeah, that makes sense for the Mayor's boy to make that demand while violating it himself...at the next meeting the Mayor will insist others produce all public records...

Clint stated he's not a part of Eastwood Marketing...he "does work for them".

Clint Johnson yells, insults and pouts his way through the meeting...and then skips the City's business in the Workshop following the meeting...


Despite putting it on two different City Applications years apart, Clint Johnson DID NOT graduate from Stetson...


The Great Carnac Speaks:

Mayor Johnson Will Be At Tomorrow Night's Meeting

6PM (4/20) - Special City Council Meeting

Lawsuits and Ethics Complaints



Clint Johnson Gets Another Smack That He Deserves:



Back by POPular Demand:

The Mayor's Mingle Mangle

Act I of V

Part I of III:

A Watershed Moment

'Nuff said...



Mayor Claims Council Knew of 4/20 Departure for Cuba "for 3 months". Wow, we're that good at predicting weather?

More from the Magnificent Carnac: "Mayor will postpone trip...due to lawsuit...and "weather"....Do not doubt the Great Carnac....


Update: When irresponsible Clint Johnson's "personal issues" become phone calls, emails, and usage of City Staff time and money, then it is no longer a "personal issue".

It wasn't when he tried to dodge his financial responsibilities to JC Bikes. It wasn't when he tried to again dodge his financial responsibilities to the state for the tax on the bike. And it isn't when he's not being responsible for not returning repeated phone calls to the Coast Guard. Enough, Clint! The City does not need to be subject to such liabilities caused only by you.

If only Clint was responsible enough to take care of what the Coast Guard needed sooner rather than later, none of this would have been exposed.

Also, I don't think it's Clint's right to tell anyone what is and is not their business. Lastly, why is Clint's opinion on this matter more important or more correct than mine or anyone else's? That's what Clint likes to ask others... so I restate it here for humor...

I've received more emails from people stating they believe Clint will cancel his trip and be at the meeting on Wednesday. Many believe Clint never intended to do the Cuba trip, thus the failure to return phone calls. In addition, whether Clint rode his bike the full length of the trip last fall is also not accepted by a number of people. I for one do not believe it...I have no reason to believe much or anything Clint says.

New POP Editorial on Sunday: Mayoral Mingle Mangle...it's a great way to end and start your week...


Clint Johnson does not even have a permit to cross the ocean - Coast Guard has been trying to get in touch with Mayor for "quite some time". See Email below.

Prediction from the Great and Magnificent Carnac:

Mayor cancels trip and blames everyone and their mother for his not having a permit. JC Bikes couldn't find Clint. Coast Guard can't find Clint.

And then these guys run to the City to bother us about these "personal issues" that become City issues and liabilities.

CM Brady is right: the City needs a third party to deal with the Mayor. The Ethics Committee and a Judge.

The Council has exhausted all other means of trying to work with this guy. Clint isn't cooperative with the Coast Goard for a trip he wants.

And we are to believe Clint is cooperative with City Staff and fellow Councilmembers? Really?

So why hasn't he returned the Coast Guard's phone calls? Answer: he doesn't want to go. Never intended to go. He doesn't follow through with anything.

And I'm of the opinion most or all of Clint's supporters are just as irresponsible to defend such irresponsible behavior.

Where is CLINT????!!!!!

Why does this guy avoid the very responsibilities he puts on himself?

Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2016 2:28 PM


To: Clint Johnson
Subject: Permit to Cross from Cuba


I received an phone call from Marilyn Fajardo, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Govt. Coast Guard.  She would like to speak with you regarding a permit to cross the ocean from Cuba.  Her phone number is XXXXXXXXXXX


She said they have been trying to contact you for quite some time and it’s urgent that you call her ASAP.

Jackie Caine


Sentinel Call Mayor "Chump"....Two Major Newspapers See Mayor the same way...

The Sentinel Editorial Board calls time-share king David Siegel a champ for his fight against addiction, and DeBary Mayor Clint Johnson a chump for his Cuba raft publicity stunt. 


Clint Johnson: DeBary's mayor made news with his reckless, self-indulgent plan to ride a makeshift raft across the Florida Straits to experience just what a refugee from Cuba would feel — except, of course, for trivial elements like desperation and fear of retaliation from a ruthless regime. Meanwhile, Johnson's already in the soup with his own City Council for refusing to release public records. It took the threat of a lawsuit and an ethics complaint for him to agree to go over the requests in a public meeting in May. Mayor: Ever hear of business before pleasure?


Rumor Mill:
The Rumor Mill is that Mark Burnett - Producer of "Survivor" is in talks with the Vice-Mayor and Councilmembers Carson, Dwyer and Brady. Mr. Burnett feels that these four individuals have "passed the test" in surviving this long the "incredible burdens of Clint Johnson" that they have earned a potential seat at the "Survivor" table. While this is just a rumor at this point, the fact is these four individuals have indeed outlasted and outsurvived what have been a very difficult year and four months with Clint Johnson.

These four Councilmembers are savvy enough and crafty enough to outwit the competition. They are outside the box thinkers who can forge alliances to win the day. These four individuals are agents of victory and winning. I wish them the best as they bring a new revolutionary way of winning to this series which has been falling to "old guard" mentalities where old ways of thinking are not being challenged.

If I hear more rumors about this topic...it will be reported...at this time...it is merely rumor and conjecture...


Norm Erickson requested public records.

Terrorists cut people's heads off, drown people in cages, fly airplanes into buildings, blow themselves up at airports and other heinous acts.

Mayor Johnson compared Norm Erickson to terrorists (See Twitter reference below).

Is Norm Erickson really the issue here? Is Norm Erickson really the "embellisher" here?

For those of you touched directly or indirectly by acts of terrorism doing harm or worse to friends and/or family, I can't imagine what is going through your mind with these kinds of comparisons being uttered by the Mayor of DeBary. For those of you simply overwhelmed at the loss of life due to terrorist acts, again, I can't imagine what you think or feel when you read such comparisons being bandied about by our Mayor.

Sadly, it's perhaps not unlike the same reaction of people touched in some way by the harm and/or death of those fleeing Cuba to come to America.

People requesting public documents aren't the problem or the issue.

The problem is the Mayor not fufilling those requests and not being in cooperation with the State Constituion, his oath, the City Attorney, City Manager, Vice-Mayor and three other Councilmembers.

Why is the Mayor refusing to provide public documents until May 11th?


This purposeful avoidance of the law and his responsibility as an elected official is necessarily unlawful.



Will DBNJ File a Lawsuit?

Mayor Compares Norm Erickson to "Terrorists"

From Austin Fuller's Twitter:

Apr 8

In today's : Expert: Another month for records = unreasonable; already at legal risk


"It's like negotiating with terrorists" says of public record requestors, noting Erickson


City Attorney about Mayor:

"Potential Ethics Violations"

The City Attorney opined that the Mayor's use of the City to further the Mayor's personal interests are perhaps at odds with each other and potential ethical violations. The Ethics Committee does not deal with public records issues. However, the State of the City flyer the Mayor sent out contained an ad for the Mayor's company Screenforce - that could be a no-no. The Mayor responded he has not owned it since January - didn't the flyer come out before January? Using City cards to promote himself - a possible no-no. I personally have seen a couple of different pictures of the Mayor wearing a vest with both the City seal and "Mayor" on it along with "JC Bikes" patch on it as well - the bike fiasco - personal and government - a possible no-no. The donation to St. Jude. There is a picture of a check from the Mayor made out to St. Jude's - BUT, it's only the front of the check not the back with a cancellation on it - has St. Jude's actually received said check - has anyone called St. Jude's to verify?

Final Say: The Mayor has not produced records - period. Only he has them. Some of the records would either clear or confirm these possible ethics violations. Either the Mayor has the records or he does not - either scenario is not acceptable - or lawful is my guess. Any City Clerk would be fired if he/she acted as the Mayor has under Public Record Laws.

Citizens' rights to see public records have been delayed until May 11th when the Mayor will talk about these records in public. But the Mayor also stated he did not want to talk about these potentially private records with the City Attorney.


So why would the Mayor want to talk about potentially private records in public when he hasn't in private? The Mayor had 4-6 weeks to produce the records until he received a letter from the City Attorney advising the Mayor to come forward and work with the City but as for the Mayor's rights, seek your own legal counsel. A strong letter that was sent out after many weeks of the Mayor not being cooperative - which he is not.

The Vice Mayor and three other Councilmembers did the right thing: tabled the motion for a lawsuit and ethics filing until May 11th. It's not what I would have done, but it's the right move. Compassion is never at fault. The Mayor is being given another chance. However, people who do business with Debary or want to, must be thinking: who the heck is this Mayor and do I as an investor want anything to do with him? Team Volusia has such people on it. What if there is a lawsuit filed soon as there are literally 20 such potential lawsuits out there?

Advice: the four Councilmembers should move forward with the lawsuit to protect the City. This might happen before May 11th - the Council, the City does not want to go through another lawsuit because the Mayor has not produced records.

The Mayor is quick to talk tough and spend taxpayer money to want to fight my lawsuit as is stated in the transcripts, but for himself, he has nothing - he has no money.

The Vice Mayor and the three other Councilmembers can always drop the hammer on the Mayor - and they should if the Mayor does not produce the records - on May 11th or before if need be to avoid lawsuits and exposure. The potential ethics violations need to be addressed as well - now that the subject has been brought up, I don't know how they can't.

And now, yet another (4th? 5th?) DBNJ Editorial about our Mayor who has only brought conflict and stress where none existed - remember, this is all over the most routine of matters: public records. DeBary could be sued for the Mayor's non-compliance -we should not pay for his irresponsibility.

CM Brady was right: They need help in dealing with this problem that is the Mayor. The Ethics Committee and a judge are a good start.

Lastly, during the lawsuit conversation, the Mayor likened this process, either dealing with the Council and/or Citizens to "negotiating with terrorists".

I liken dealing with the Mayor to dealing with someone with a personality disorder: lying, manipulation, vindictiveness, detached from reality, will say anything no matter how contradictory, inflated view of himself, and lacks a conscience. Perhaps a reader with some technical training in psychology can confirm or deny.

The Mayor actually stated his Cuba trip is a "personal matter" and did not want a citizen to speak about it. Freedom of speech? A rash on one's groin is a personal matter...Clint's Crazy Cuba trip is not that...but Clint thinks it is...so in his mind it is...but then, he believes when you stop attending college you've "graduated"...even if you didn't...but then...he believed that it was forged to reflect what he believes to be true anyway...so...

This is all on the record...only this Mayor, kids...only this Mayor...





Executive Session Fallout Continues...

As it related to "...if he can negotiate away that other one (the missing document - Norm), proceed with it?"

Mayor Johnson: "Bring me the text. I'll make it an original document."

"Make" something an "original" document? How does one do that, Mr. Mayor?

Is this the Mayor who accused someone else of forging a City Application? He is on the record stating he's willing to do it himself.

And we're to believe this Mayor mistakenly put down wrong information about his degree status from Stetson...twice? He didn't do it on purpose as a creative solution because he's so intellectually honest and ethically unchallenged? Yes. We're to believe that. We are to believe that the Mayor that offers up to forge a public document did not, repeat, did not put wrong information on his City Application to make himself appear in a brighter light. No, sir!


Mayor: If you're not young, no new ideas from you...

"What we're basically saying with this is if the Mayor wants to maintain his campaign promises of thinking of new ways of doing things, bringing new ideas, the reason you elect a young person, if the Mayor does that, make a lawsuit, collect $10,000."

Clint Johnson

2/3/16 Executive Session

More to come...


The missing document...and the Mayor's "creative solution"...

Mayor admits he is willing to forge documents:

From the February 3rd Executive Session:

"I would copy it and forge one today, if I could, but I don't even know what was said."

Developing...there is more to come...


Mayor's refuses to provide public documents...refuses to work with City Manager and City Attorney...City at liability for more lawsuits...meanwhile, who is watching the "store"? City Attorney sends memo to Council...so this is now coming from the City Attorney...not the Council...



Mayor Johnson:

"A frivolous Douchebag" and "Scumbag"

How does this guy know Clint?

Now, you didn't think 2016 would be better, did you?

Is this an embellishment, too?

Also, is a "frivolous douchebag" the same "frivolous" as a "frivolous" lawsuit?