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Let’s start out with words of wisdom:

Don’t drive as if you own the road; drive as if you owned the car.

How about a few Lexophiles

A lexophile is a lover of words, especially in word games, puzzles, anagrams, palindromes, etc.

When fish are in schools, they sometimes take debate.

A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months.

When the smog lifts in Los Angeles, U.C.L.A.

Did I see a little smile on your face?

Enjoy these great dusty old 45’s I just pulled out of the vault, so let’s get to it.

Today we have a tri-fecta from a group who only made a handful of records, but all well above average. Starting with their biggest charted hit then to a song telling a beautiful love story and lastly with that old chestnut, here are the WRENS:


Come Back My Love

Serenade of the Bells




The return of DOO WOP POP:


There will be a new feature coming to POP. It will be called POP DOO WOP and will bring a few Doo Wops each week - Sunday and Wednesday.

These doo wops will hopefully bring back good memories for some, new memories for others. No doubt from a more peaceful time.

Gus Gossert who hosted the “Doo Wop Shop” on WCBS FM 101.1 and WPIX FM 101.9 in New York City gave a definition of the words Doo Wop.

“The word “doo wop” like the words “oldie” or the “sound,” is only a term. No matter what you prefer to call it, it means memories and love, and in the long run, that’s what it is all about”.

Let’s start DOO WOP POP off with two huge hits. Let’s cue the old 45 RPM record player and begin with the great Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers from 1956 on the Gee Label – “I Promise to Remember” and we’ll end with a classic by this group, also from 1956 on the Gee Label “Share”.

Keep tuned for our next selections and keep on rock’n.

Click here for: I Promise to Remember

Click here for: Share


Moving Forward

Special Election – While it is up to this Council to follow the Charter they must do so concomitant with the Supervisor of Elections. Thus the Election for a new Mayor is some months away. If it were up to these Councilmembers and City Staff I’m sure they would have the election sooner rather than later; it’s not entirely up to them given the time of year and the year: General election year. Good point were raised, but the Council is not in a position to dictate dates here.

New Business:

At the last Regular Meeting I was surprised to see so many new items given we have an interim City Manager. Upon further reflection, CM McLemore and his 40+ years experience allows him to move this City forward in the manner he sees is best. It’s still up to the Council with a vote – but this City is not going to just sit around given we just removed Clint - the world doesn’t stop. So it’s good to see movement on the TOD with people who have done it. It’s good to see a Committee of Citizens on the Community Center issue that will really get into that issue and tear it apart to come away with the best recommendations and end product. Listening to the names on that Committee, and I don’t know them all, the ones I do know will have no problem asking questions and finding out answers. It should be good discussions all around.

We have the Mil Rate set and the budget set.

I think there is a period now of just realizing what a toxic atmosphere had been created and the quietness of normalcy is foreign. But we’ll quickly get used to it.

We have two seats to fill this year. One next year and it looks like our interim City Manager will be around for the next half year or so until we have a newly elected Council next April. I think that bodes well for DeBary. With Clint gone we will get a larger field of candidates for City Manager who didn’t want to work with him while he was on Council.

Things are moving forward. But better than that, coming off the experience of having had someone like Clint in office, many of us realize that no matter the City issue coming up in the future, if we disagree on that issue, it’s just a disagreement. And no one is going to burn the City down via social media or immature behavior on the dais because one party is not happy with the outcome or disagreement. We simply disagree.

Also, the Council directed the Interim City Manager to do away with the physical office of the Mayor. And I think that’s a step in the right direction as well and it appears the Council agrees. Let's do it before anyone is elected Mayor and expects to have that office.

Norm Erickson


We Have Reached Normalcy...

1st Meeting Without Clint is pleasant, no cursing, no stress, no conflict...


You see...Clint had the records the whole time...he just never turned them over.

From: Clint Johnson <Mayor@TeamDeBary.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 4:27 PM
To: Mike Brady; Chris Carson; Rick Dwyer; Lita Handy-Peters
Cc: Doug Daniels
Subject: Public Record Requests

 I want to fulfill your public record requests, as I have said many times. There will be no charge for most but some of the requests will require extensive use of information technology and a great deal of clerical or supervisory time. My estimate of the costs for researching, gathering, & redacting those records is below. Please advise if I’ve missed any.

-All city related emails outside of my @debary.org account. 
-All records related to the state of the city mailer. 
-All records related to the flyer distributed prior to the public hearing. 
-All my Facebook Activity Logs. (60 hours @ $46 = $2760)
-All my Twitter & Instagram activity.
-All records relative to Team Clint activities including bike trip, no-shave, head buzz, etc. These activities were personal ventures in which the city formally refused to participate so they are not public records. However, in an attempt to satisfy your desires and put this issue behind us, I am willing to fulfill the request. (10 hours @ $46 = $460)

 If any documents need to be print copied the charge will be .15/page. I believe all records can be delivered digitally unless otherwise requested. The charge for a 32GB USB drive is $8.99.

 To proceed, the total estimate is $3228.99, payable in advance. Any expected increase or decrease in the total will be noted as the request is fulfilled. Any paid overages will be returned with final delivery of the records & any shortages will be due upon final delivery. 





The Sadness that is Clint Johnson

Yes, it's going around that Clint Johnson is doing "battle" with the Mayor of Sanford in a "Mayors Challenge" involving t-shirts, money, beer, money and...I guess though I don't, charity. Who would give money to Clint when he can never account for where the money goes?

Who goes around entering Mayoral contests when they are not a Mayor? Think about that. Deeply. Who goes around entering Mayoral contests when they are not a Mayor? Who would do that? What kind of mentality is that?

People are asking the current Council to, I guess, do something about this. I don't know what they can do. Oversight of the money raised? Cease and desist letters? I guess. Or any Citizen could do that.

Clint has traded on being Mayor since he was elected Mayor and continues to this day when he's not Mayor. I still greet Mr. Coleman, Mr. Garcia or any past Mayor as "Mayor". It's a sign of respect for having done the job right regardless of disagreements...sometimes...deep disagreements.

That Clint wants to go around saying he's still Mayor and enter Mayoral contests as if he is, that is truly sad. That the Sanford Mayor is going along with it, isn't much better: he's in a Mayoral contest where he is the only Mayor in the contest.

Clint is off the Council. The Council has had two years of this. If they do anything, submit the advertisments to the legal eagles and let them deal with it.

Norm Erickson


The following was sent into POP. I'm in the process of filing just such a report with the State Attorney's office - Norm.

I think Johnson should be prosecuted for his use of the city seal when he was on one his rants leading up to his removal hearing.

You actually wrote about it and cited the statute.

He committed a crime and the city or someone should request that charges be filed. 


Given that Clint Johnson was found guilty of violating Prohibitions in the Charter and we now have to hold a Special Election to fill that position, shouldn't Clint Johnson pay for that Special Election?

Could the City sue Clint Johnson for costs he incurred to the City?

Could Citizens file a Class Action Lawsuit for recovery?

It's a thought passed on to me by several Citizens and I think it's worth noting and thinking about. Perhaps even to follow up on.

Perhaps this could be brought out at the next meeting on 9/7...now that only the grown ups are on the Council...we could actually have a conversation with the four Agents of Maturity.

I might talk about it with the City Manager and Clint can listen to the conversation at the end of the hallway...


209 Citizens did not vote for the Seat 2 position...


Erika Benfield: 33%

Nick Koval: 24%

Mayor Garcia to run for open Mayor Seat...