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From TeamClint.com as posted by Clint@eastwoodmarketing.com

I think this sums up Mayor Johnson's style of governing as well as biking:

Riding in groups is not my bag. Being naturally competitive, it’s difficult to not spend the entire time racing, there’s too much opportunity for wrecking, and it gives the distinct impression of sheep in a herd. More importantly, it’s far more adventurous and experiential to take the uncharted course. --Clint Johnson

I love when this happens:

From Clint Johnson posted on TeamClint.com website:

“With no training or experience, this should be a fair challenge. (I didn’t even own a bicycle until today, less than 2 weeks before the start).”

Ok.....and now...From the DBNJ Newspaper article:

One other time before he became mayor, Johnson rode a 500-mile loop across Florida to Sarasota and back in pursuit of a great big sandwich. He had watched a TV show, "Man V. Food" and decided to ride to Munchies 420 Cafe, which offers a Fat Sandy, or belly buster, with hamburger patties, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and mac-and-cheese.

"It was worth it," he (Clint Johnson) said.

From Norm: Breathtaking...so, other than that 500 mile loop, Mayor has no experience..."didn't even own a bike until today". Ok...so he borrowed a bike didn't own one for the 500 loop and 500 miles isn't anything like 800...so...it's as if he's never done it before ever....yeah...that covers it politician style...clear as mud...


Mayor Johnson:

Wanting to work with and talk to everyone...except his own Council:



Council Meeting October 7th @ 7PM



Mayor Johnson on being booted from Team Volusia:

"I had no intention of returning." - Deland Beacon

Then resign, Mayor Johnson. What a feckless move to try and save face. The fact is, Mayor Johnson should have brought his concerns about Team Volusia to the Councilmembers before he went to the Team Volusia meeting. He should have offered his resignation before insulting DeBary and the Council in front of the Team Volusia gathering of over 70 local business leaders.

Mayor Johnson was put in office to "...kick DeBary in the ass..." - see quote below. Did his supporters know that?

Mayor Johnson was voted in with 56% of the vote against two former Councilmembers a little over a year ago...I voted for Jack Lenzen.

Had Jack Lenzen or Danny Tillis been elected, we would not be having these problems of antagonistic, childish and unprofessional behaviors we have now with this Mayor.

56%...I wonder what it would be today...next year we have two seats up - CM Carson is termed out...CM Dwyer's seat comes due for re-election and/or an open seat.

Norm Erickson


The Mayor’s Mingle Mangle

Responding to the Mayor

Part 5 of 6 in Act II of a Five Act Series



Do no harm, Mr. Mayor - some quick advice for you:



Why did Clint Johnson run for office?

The answer - in his own words:

"I believe I was put in this office to kick DeBary in the ass and get it going."

"No city voted for a 28-year-old thinking he wouldn't come in and disrupt something."

3 Sources - Click on links:

Mayor's Mailbox


Hometown News Article on Mayor Johnson: "Pipe down"

Good News for Mayor Johnson: You are no longer the City representative for Team Volusia - then again - why would you want to be?

CM Brady is the new representative - a good choice given his experience in business.



I just got home from the Council Meeting and felt encouraged for the first time in a long time. The meeting was run in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, which it should always have been. The agenda was followed; lots of good ideas and discussion between Council Members, City Manager and staff; a palpable sense of teamwork; some potential good news from the City Manager and an overall positive atmosphere. Unfortunately, when so many positive things are happening, the proverbial ointment fly shows up... in this case the city`s anti Socialist, anti - old people gadfly had his usual rambling rants but, bottom line - a very good meeting. Oh, by the way, Clint Johnson wasn`t there.

Mark Sandler



The Mayor's Mingle Mangle - Act II - Part 4 of 6:

The Mayor's Magical Patter...



Citizen Editorial : Speaking with the Mayor at the Twisted Tap

As if the original press wasn't bad enough, DBNJ ran an opinion piece this week rehashing Mayor Johnson's behavior, and suggesting that DeBary deserves better.  Our young mayor certainly has taken a beating, but it didn't stop him from asking me to meet up with him for a chat at the twisted tap.  As a recent critic of our mayor, I was impressed that he was willing to reach out "across the table" so to speak.  So I accepted his offer and prepared a list of questions.   

First, I found out that a Team DeBary rally car race is not going to happen, but the cross state bicycle trip will. Mayor Johnson will be riding 850 miles to bring awareness to the trails, and also to petition Volusia County to expedite the completion of the missing link connecting Blue Springs to Gemini Springs. I support this endeavor to complete the Spring to Spring trail in Debary, and I hope the mayor will be able to take some time during his bike ride to reflect on his role in planning the future for our city.

Finally, this week I also found the "other Patricia" who asked for the mayor to resign: Patricia Davidson, 16 year resident, told me she stands by her email. She is actually glad he published it on his website so that  "anyone with half a brain" can see it.  I also used my time with the Mayor to speak about diplomacy.   He was also willing to admit that his diplomacy was in need of some assistance, and I was more than willing to oblige with some quotes, tips, and examples from my experience as a teacher.  Only time will tell if our young mayor has learned from his mistake - aim high, but not for the sun, as you will surely get burned.

Patricia Stevenson

********** AND:

In addition to the DBNJ article, the West Volusia Beacon`s article in its 9/7-9 edition has a less watered-down analysis. Clint has the right to express his thoughts as do we all. However, the use of the word "haters" and the phrase "You suck" are examples of his immaturity. He has established the mentality of TEAM CLINT vs THE HATERS. We need and deserve better than this. I hope that the other four rational Council members do not take long in initiating the censure/removal process.

Mark Sandler

DBNJ to Mayor Johnson: You are not a monarch - we deserve better...

Mayor, it's not you...it's us...it's all of us... it's the DBNJ Editorial Staff...they don't get it...they just don't understand how you are trying to help...it's not you...some just never understand...keep up the great, great work for DeBary...don't be stymied by people who just don't understand and want the same old thing...some don't want to see you improve DeBary government with your revolutionary ideas and strategies. --Um...when are you going to roll those out by the way...cause some non-believers are getting anxious...we might not be able to wait for Christmas for the surprise...how's bout Turkey day?



A Citizen sent it in:

Who linked "teamdebary.com" to the City's website? Honestly, what the hell is going on around here? Click below:


Did he do this as Clint Johnson...as Mayor of DeBary...or...as an agent of logic?

The Mayor wants $10,500 for...what exactly? From the website:

Membership for a team of (2) people + your (1) personal vehicle is $10,500.00. This includes Sept 23-Oct 1; single room/ double occupancy hotel rooms, all scheduled meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + soft & spirited drinks (nightly open bar), access to all events, parties and receptions, 500 custom trading cards, (1) Competition Jersey, (1) Commemorative Dash Medallion, official sponsor decals, (1) giant gift box, (1) drivers gift kit.



For the groundswell of people as they look for a gathering place to discuss and possibly start the process:

100.361 Municipal recall. —

(d) Grounds for recall.—The grounds for removal of elected municipal officials shall, for the purposes of this act, be limited to the following and must be contained in the petition:



3.Neglect of duty;



6.Permanent inability to perform official duties; and

7.Conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude.



Citizen Editorial: A Second Patricia Speaks out!

I wanted to believe Mayor Clint Johnson when he said he would consider the advice given to him at the last meeting, but alas it is clear there is no stopping Cowboy Clint. He has come riding into town to save us from our own standards of decency and political correctness.

Don’t take my word for it, read the latest e-mail our mayor has shared on his “Mayor’s Mailbox” from another concerned resident who shares my first name: Patricia. She also called for the mayor to resign, and the mayor responded in his typical crybaby fashion and called Team Volusia “a bunch of blowhards”. I feel bad for this other Patricia, but his response further validates her claim that he is a “petulant child”. I hope this other Patricia will join me at the next council meeting Wed. Sept. 16 7pm.

Best Regards,

Patricia Stevenson


Looking at the social media sites since the last Council meeting, it seems as if Clint took the input from that meeting "into consideration" and has decided to ignore the input. Some people say that his youth and lack of experience are the main causes of his unacceptable behavior. I submit that the problem is not youth but immaturity. Youth will, by itself, disappear. Immaturity may never disappear and, in my opinion, it will be a long time, if ever that Clint matures.

His final action at the last meeting of asking Councilwoman Handy-Peters to close the meeting by pushing the gavel towards her was both insulting and degrading and should be recognized as such. I have no confidence that taking the action of censuring him will be effective. His resignation or removal is the only way to get our City government functioning effectively again.

Mark Sandler


Mort Culligan's behavior and CM Dwyer's response -

It all starts at 51:12 and CM Dwyer's response starts at 53:16





Why are we sending a letter of apology to Team Volusia if the Mayor continues with the rhetoric below?

Clint Johnson, after being admonished by three members on Council and citizens, posting on Facebook 9/4:

In speaking to Team Volusia, an organization that has brought nothing to the table except a bunch of talk and a $10,000 a year bill to the tax payers, in reference to their quarterly do nothing meetings, "I don't give a damn" about sitting there hearing the nonsense anymore.

And lest we forget the Clint Johnson of, believe it or not, September 1st of last year from the DBNJ:

“As a Christian, I believe myself to have more patience with difficult people,” he said. “I understand where they are coming from. I can be empathetic to their views. I am a servant to them.”



Mort Culligan violated the decorum policy stated on the back of the yellow speaker’s card when he said, “that damn flag”. Profanity is not allowed. Period. He should have been asked to stop and sit down. Had that happened, the other two citizens would not have responded as they did.

On Facebook “You live in DeBary if” the thinking is Mort can say anything he wants. No. The decorum rule limits what he can say. Nothing derogatory, profane, insulting. Anyone violating those rules should be chucked. Mort seems to think the Constitution allows him to use profanity at a Council meeting – it doesn’t.

We have a policy on the back of the card he fills out. It is posted on the screen. It’s not complicated. It’s very simple. Anyone using profanity should be chucked every time.

Start with profanity and move on to other things like “knucklehead”, “ old and foolish”, etc,. It's up to the Council to decide what they do and do not want happening at the podium. But profanity is not allowed.

Aren’t elected officials supposed to defend citizens? Or are citizens to be Mort’s punching bag? The Mayor does not want to be a punching bag and he’s in a public, elected office. But it’s ok for Mort to violate the decorum policy and throw verbal punches at citizens and curse. And for those saying, "Norm, are you offended by the word 'damn'?" My answer is, "No. But that's not the point."

Just follow the policy. Any Councilmember may do this.

Also, I've been sent the Mayor's postings from Facebook. It seems last night was totally lost on him. You could censure the Mayor every month and it would do nothing. Where the Council goes from here I do not know.

The Mayor is a rogue teenager saying what needs to be said at the time so he can go out and violate curfew later.

In addition, he is being fueled by a few supporters on Facebook; a few that do not show up at meetings to support his projects or defend his actions. Was Mort defending the Mayor last night? I'm not sure. If he was, he was the only one.

Norm Erickson

Addendum: In the last few months, Mort has left 5 incredible voice mails for me using the "F-word" as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and as a gerund. His emails echoed the same sentiment, so I stopped reading them a while ago.

Here's my favorite part: people will write to me or tell me I must allow Mort to post on POP. Probably the same people who block others on Facebook. That is to say, I'll be told to enforce a policy on a website that doesn't exist while a City policy on profanity voted in by an elected City Council and stated on the back of the yellow speaker card gets a pass - it doesn't need to be followed much less enforced.

One can only laugh.

Please don't try to hold a guy and a website to a level of accountability and behavior that, seemingly, does not exist for our Mayor in general or our Council in particular as to how they deal with Mort. Thank you.


Soon after the discussion about Mayor's behavior on social media...Mayor takes to social media...now...I hope no one is surprised by this...


Mayor heard from the Citizens and the Council about his behavior. Mayor's final statement on the issue: "I'll take it under consideration."

Council to send a letter of apology to Team Volusia

Motion of "Censure" by CM Brady was not seconded

Mayor gave the Vice Mayor the gavel to close the meeting

In response to Mort Culligan, CM Dwyer gave the most reasoned and emotional speech I've ever heard - period. He received a standing ovation - time stamps to follow when meeting is posted - you need to watch it.

Mr. Conoley spoke out in defense of free speech. Most of you may not be aware that Mayor Johnson tried to prevent Mr. Conoley from talking at the last meeting by stating Mr. Conoley had not filled out the yellow speaker card correctly. CM Dwyer urged the Mayor and Council to reconsider. I actually talked to Mr. Conoley about this after the meeting and Mr. Conoley stated that CM Brady also urged the Mayor to allow Mr. Conoley to speak. What the Mayor attempted was not in keeping with free speech. Mr. Conoley has a right to speak.

I think tonight will be totally lost on the Mayor - this is his invitation to prove me wrong. I will give him a second chance at the next regular meeting when I ask him for what purposes is he collecting money. We'll see what he says. He brought it up...I just want to know more about it. If it involves the Council...the Council should be made aware as well.


Don't Use Taxpayer Money to Defend Him:


Assault and Slander - Jury Trial Demanded...Injunctive relief and for damages that exceed $15,000.00...details forthcoming...

CLICK HERE FOR CIRCUIT COURT SEARCH PAGE - Enter "Clint Johnson" and then when you link to search criteria: Case No. "2015 11473 CIDL" - Click on "Docket" and then click on "Complaint" PDF link on far right - 7 page document outlining the Complaint.


Setting the Budget -

Special Council Meeting this Thursday at 7PM:




Mayor Johnson disagrees with homeless shelter proposal. Well, unlike the horse track/card room issue, at least there is an actual proposal on paper to disagree with. So Mayor Johnson can disagree with what is on paper, but how dare anyone disagree on a proposal that does not exist on paper...or an application.

And this is what passes for "ok" in the mind of Mayor Johnson...Maybe if the proposal for the homeless shelter were not on a written piece of paper...just kind of talked about and hinted at, Mayor Johnson would be on board...

Mayor Johnson says Government should not work against the Church...Mayor Johnson is rabid about bringing gambling to DeBary...even when the landowner is not...this is what passes for "normal" in the Mayor's mind.


Posted tonight (8/26) by Clint Johnson in You Live in DeBary If… 10:13PM

Al, the video is clipped to when the meetings are closed. You won't know what Liberal Lita said in her unnoticed meeting with council and manager. Neither will I because I left after the meeting was over.
....what did she say? I think we all have a right to know from someone who was at he meeting even though Lita doesn't think the whole public has such a right.


City Manager's Contract extended/amended through January 2016

Mayor plays on computer and gives silent treatment during entire meeting - a childishly sulky and bad-tempered Mayor we have. But he has so much to say on Facebook...

Clint Johnson to Team Volusia (not the full text though it was sent to me):

This morning I don’t speak on behalf of the DeBary Council.  I speak as Clint Johnson a free agent for logic.

The fact of the matter is, the City of DeBary is an extremely difficult community to develop in.  You will face months of bureaucracy, a close minded and short sighted council, and an aggressive minority of residents that will sue you if you’re fortunate and persistent enough to happen to gain any semblance of the approval you initially sought.

Prepare to spend vastly too much money, time, and effort no matter how simple and accommodating the proposal, just to be met with more regulation and disapproval from city staff and residents years after opening.

I guess after 8 months of hands on political experience, I’ve grown jaded by the rhetoric. 

So with that decidedly unpolitical dose of truth,  I’ll turn the mic over to our marketing director to put a little polish on this pig and bring back the warm and fuzzy because frankly, my dear. I don’t give a damn.

*******************************CITIZEN EDITORIAL:

If you were not at the meeting, you missed a silent tantrum. Our mayor arrives at 6:59, doesn`t acknowledge anyone on the Council, drops his briefcase on the floor and calls the meeting to order. He spends 98% of the meeting looking down at his ipad or computer, does not comment on the budget or City Manager search, ends the meeting and leaves without talking to or acknowledging anyone else.

There may be reasons (other than the obvious ones) that caused him to behave in that manner, but my guess is that the "obvious ones" are the cause of his childish behavior. We`ll see next Thursday at another SPECIAL MEETING.

Mark Sandler