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Patricia Stevenson for Seat 2

On August 30th I’ll be voting for Patricia Stevenson for Seat 2.

Patricia Stevenson has been attending and speaking out at meetings for about two years and has demonstrated the qualities I like to see in a candidate and Councilmember: the ability to judge, assess, discern, evaluate evidence, come to a conclusion and then state that position on the record at the podium or in discussions.

She’s the only candidate running to do so at the August 24th meeting that dealt with an unprecedented issue: Charter violations and the removal of an elected official. That’s leadership. Agree or disagree with her, she gave her views on the issue as it was happening not afterwards and not in parsed language.

Patricia talks to many citizens at meetings and around the City and tries to find common ground. She’ll work with other Councilmembers. She'll work with Citizens. She will listen to all sides and look for consensus and a way forward.

I’ve seen Patricia research different issues and topics and become proficient about those issues. She is proactive, intelligent, well-spoken, firm and yet has the ability to be open to opposing points of view if there is evidence to the contrary.

Two years ago this month I wrote an editorial about how Clint Johnson was not cut out for public office and was not getting my vote. At the time, even I didn't know how right I was. And I'm right again about Patricia's abilities to be a good steward for this City.

DeBary will benefit greatly for having the leadership qualities that Patricia Stevenson possesses.

Patricia Stevenson for Seat 2. August 30th.

With Patricia on the Council we’ll get back to City issues and move forward in a professional and mature manner.

Norm Erickson